Keith Stokes' Costa Rica Trip
January 10, 2008
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Hotel Linda Vista del Norte

Hotel Linda Vista del Norte was up a steep narrow drive lined with trees.  The hotel has a few private cottages and 11 regular rooms (5 facing Lake Arenal & 6 facing the volcano). I had a volcano view, with huge picture windows and a bench outside the room. The room had three beds (a double and two singles) I used one of the single beds, because it was closer to the fan. None of the rooms I had during this trip had air conditioning or heat.

Steep Hotel Linda Vista del Norte driveway
A quarter of the narrow, steep drive up to Hotel Linda Vista del Norte 

Hotel Linda Vista del Norte room

The rooms at Hotel Linda Vista del Norte are fairly new and mostly in good condition. The hot water in the shower would last only a few seconds at a time. There was no TV or Internet access, though I think the suites had satellite TV. There was a small swimming pool overlooking the lake and a restaurant with spectacular panoramic views. This was my most expensive room of the trip at $63/night.

Black Vulture (Coragyps atratus)
Black Vulture (Coragyps atratus) in tree outside my room.

I was ready for a shower and change to fresh clothes. Midway through my shower, there was an odd roaring sound that turned out to be rain on the metal roof. 

I had an early dinner at the hotel restaurant - pretty good onion soup, but the steak, with a sauce that included peppers and anchovies, was surprisingly bland.

Rain continued off and on into the evening, but I set up my tripod and sat on the bench, listened to my MP3 player, and waited to see if things might clear. The man from room 11, stopped and we compared our travels for about an hour. He was from Montreal and was traveling with his teenage children. While we talked, he spotted a green leaf mimic katydid walking up the pole outside my room. I don't know the scientific name for this grasshopper, but it is from the family Tettigoniidae, which also imitate dead or damaged leaves.

Then fairly early to bed, getting up to check if the view of the mountain was clear each time I woke during the night.

green leaf mimic katydid
green leaf mimic katydid 

This moth in my room was less than an inch wide.

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