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Page 5 - Sailing the Firth of Forth

Forth Road Bridge
Forth Road Bridge

The bus stop was midway between the Forth Bridges - the 1964 Road (suspension) Bridge and the 1890 Railroad Bridge. It was a nice walk through the old town area, and I made frequent stops to photograph the bridges and water birds.

The Forth Railroad Bridge in a Scottish national landmark. It is currently undergoing extensive maintenance, as
the railroad company that ran it neglected work for many years.

South Queensferry old town

The Maid of the Forth leaves from the foot of the railroad bridge. I was plenty early, so I had a lunch of smoked sausage and chips at a takeaway on the pier. The food was good, though I was surprised when the sausage came without a bun. While waiting, I visited some gift shops, including a small booth in the Life Boat Station.

South Queensferry Lifeboat Station

The half hour ferry ride goes to Inchcolm Island (£13 return in 2005). In the summer it runs three times a day. Other than private boat, it is the only way to visit the island. No dolphins or whales were spotted on the trip, but we did see several seals laying in the sun and swimming around a small island along the way.

Maid of the Forth
Maid of the Forth

Forth Railroad Bridge
scaffolding being used in the Forth Railroad Bridge repairs

Inchgarvie Island and the Forth Railroad Bridge
Inchgarvie Island - the castle dates from 1490 and was used as a prison in 1519-1671.
In 1779 cannons were mounted here when John Paul Jones threatened the Firth of Forth

Hound Point Oil Delivery Platform
Hound Point Oil Delivery Platform is the terminus of a pipeline bringing crude oil from the North Sea.

Grey Seal
Grey Seal

Haystack rock in the Firth of Forth
nearby Haystack rock is the home to about 100 cormorants

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