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Page 7 - Jazz Concert in Edinburgh

Unleaded at $1.59/quart sounded much higher in 2005

Back in Edinburgh, I caught the last hour of an outdoor concert at Princes Street Gardens, right below the castle. It was part of the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival. It was beautiful laying on the side of the hill surrounded by roses, with the concert below me and the castle above.

Jazz Concert at Princes Street Gardens

I heard the last of the performance by TJ Johnson and his Band, and all of the performance by The Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force Steel Orchestra. First time I head a steel drum band play "My Way."

The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Steel Orchestra
The Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force Steel Orchestra

Then an early evening walk back to my hotel with a stop to check email and pick up cider. I got shrimp, calamari and chips takeaway from L'alba D'oro. The seafood was all right, but the chips were the worst.

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