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Page 9 - Rosslyn Chapel


Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel is covered with a second temporarily roof, part of a long term repair project that requires that the real roof dry out - a process of several years. The view isn't as nice (because of the roof), but visitors are permitted to climb the scaffolding and see the roof features up close.

memorial to Francis Robert, 4th Earl of Rosslyn
memorial to Francis Robert, 4th Earl of Rosslyn

West enterance to Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel bells
Rosslyn Chapel bells

view from the roof of Rosslyn Chapel

Colin (who hasn't read the book) waited until we left the chapel to share his favorite conspiracy theory - that the chamber that sonar shows to be 15 feet below the crypt contains the remains of James (Jesus' son) and that the Rosslyn Institute (which is 2 miles away and the place where "Dolly" was cloned) will clone the remains to create someone to lead their new world order. The "real" Second Coming.

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