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Page 12 - Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden 

I stopped back into Timberbush to book the following day's Loch Ness tour, then took my first taxi of the trip to the Botanic Gardens - one of the few attractions open into the early evening.

Rock Garden in Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden

The gardens at Botanic are fine and were very relaxing, but I think they are oversold. They don't stand out as a world class attraction. 

One nice thing about going late in the day - the admission to the greenhouses was free. Admission to the rest of the gardens is free all of the time.

giant (up to 6') water lilly leaves in Tropical Aquatic Glass House 

The Botanic was fairly close to my hotel. Walking back, I stopped at the Palkhi Tandoori Restaurant which the Manns had enjoyed on Friday. It was a nice contrast to the Prince of India. The staff was friendly and the food good (though a bit slow). The Peshwari Nan was wonderful!

Palkhi Tandori Restaurant
Palkhi Tandoori Restaurant

Then a short walk back to the hotel, once again stopping to use the Internet and pick up a bottle of cider for the evening.

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