2023 Michigan Road Trip
Road home through Upper Peninsula & Wisconsin

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Cut River Bridge
Cut River Bridge - Naubinway, Michigan

Sunday - Day 11 (July 23, 2023)

Before leaving Mackinaw City I stopped at Big Stone Bay Fishery to pick up whitefish livers, smelt and smoked whitefish spread to take home. They generously provide free ice to pack the cooler.

We started home this morning, with our first stop being at the Cut River Bridge on US-2, about 26 miles west of the Mighty Mac. The Cut River Bridge is 148' tall, 641' long and is over a river which is about 12' wide. I get a kick out of the name plate which was placed on a door beneath the bridge which says "T Troll," but wish people wouldn't keep writing their names over it.

Cut River Bridge and wooden steps
Cut River Bridge and steps which lead all the way down to the river

We had lunch on the Garden Peninsula in the community of Garden, Michigan at The Dock Grill & Bar, sitting at a nice spot on the deck looking out at the bay. They are famous for their whitefish, but had run out the night before. We had fried perch and walleye. The perch was second only to the perch I had at the Chippewa Room two days earlier and the walleye was the best walleye I have had in many years.

The Dock Grill and Bar deck
View from out table at the Dock Grill & Bar

Fried perch and walleye at the Dock Grill and Bar deck
Fried perch and walleye

Crossing into Wisconsin at Marinette, we stopped to buy some cheese at Seguin's House of Cheese. We shop here every time we drive to Michigan. A couple of years ago I bought so much of their delicious 8 year old sharp cheddar spread that it took us a year to eat it all, so I got only a couple of things today.

Cheeses from Seguin's House of Cheese
6 year old white cheddar and 8 year old sharp cheddar spread

We stopped for the evening at Mineral Point, Wisconsin which I would like to revisit on a Saturday sometime. All of the cool looking restaurants were closed tonight (Sunday) and we settled on pizza at Midway Bar and Grill.

We spent the night at The Mineral Point Hotel, a small hotel in a building that was built as a flour mill in 1857. They offered beer and wine in the lobby and we bought a couple of bottles of cider from a local place named just The Cider Farm. We split a bottle of Classic Dry, which Linda enjoyed, but was too dry for my taste. We brought home the other bottle which is Rosé.

When staying the night in retrofitted buildings, there are often comforts which you have to give up for the experience, but Mineral Point Hotel does a better job of mitigating those things than most.

The Mineral Point Hotel
The Mineral Point Hotel - Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Mineral Point Hotel Lobby with Victorian furnishings
Mineral Point Hotel Lobby

Queen room at Mineral Point Hotel
Our room

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