Touring the United States Coast Guard Cutter
Biscayne Bay (WTGB 104)
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The Biscayne Bay breaking ice in Lake Michigan - photo courtesy of Todd Wright.

The photos on board the USCGC Biscayne Bay were taken on May 23, 2013 during a private tour conducted by the Executive Officer, LT Andrew P. Perodeau. Thank you to Lt. Perodeau and the United States Coast Guard 9th District for providing this fabulous opportunity.

Icebreaking tug Biscayne Bay's bubbler system
This removable van houses the Biscayne Bay's "bubbler" system which pushes jets of low pressure air & water under the
hull to stir the water around the ship, lubricate the ship as she moves through the ice pack, and prevent the formation of ice.

Coast Guard Cutter Biscayne Bay bow and deck
Bow of the Biscayne Bay

Officers quarters on the Biscayne Bay
Officers' quarters

Commissioning Plaque of the tub Biscayne Bay
Commissioning Plaque

Biscayne Bay)  board room
United States Coast Guard Cutter Biscayne Bay (WTGB 104)  board room

Biscyane Bay mess deck
Biscayne Bay mess deck

Troy Hall - Biscayne Bay ship's chef
Food Service Specialist Petty Officer 2nd Class Troy Hall is preparing lunch for the crew in the galley.
Hall is also a member of the Biscayne Bay's Ice Rescue Team.

Biscayne Bay Engineering Room
Biscayne Bay Engineering Room - the wooden canes would be used to pull someone away from the equipment
if they were receiving an electric shock.

Bubble van control panel on the Biscayne Bay
Bubble van control panel in the engineering room

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