2017 Mackinac Bridge Walk Photographs
60th Annual Walk - September 4, 2017

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2017 Mackinac Bridge Walk
Mackinac Bridge at night from the top of the south tower
Looking north to St. Ignace from the south tower of the Mackinac Bridge before the start of the
2017 Mackinac Bridge walk, courtesy of Roger Chase/Photographic Reverie.
The 2017 Mackinac Bridge Walk was anxiously awaited. The 60th anniversary of the opening of the bridge takes place later this year and this is the 60th year of the Bridge Walk. 

At the request of the Michigan State Police and Homeland Security, in May the Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) announced that the bridge would be closed to all vehicles but official vehicles and official shuttle buses during the walk. Since that closure would disrupt Labor Day traffic, the Mackinac Bridge Walk would be shortened to 7AM - Noon, several hours shorter than in past years. A major campaign was mounted to ensure that motorists across the State of Michigan would know about the closing and have an opportunity to adjust their schedules. 

At the same time, plans were made to try to accommodate as many walkers as possible in the shorter period. The number of shuttle buses was increased from 88 in 2016 to 127 in 2017.

Shuttle buses started hauling walkers from Mackinaw City to the north end of the bridge around 4AM on Labor Day morning, to be in place for the start of the walk at 7AM. We got in line about a block from Conkling Heritage Park 6:25AM. 

The line was 4 or 5 people across and it was joined at the Park by another line coming from the south. The park itself had lines that snaked back in forth. The bus fare was $5. There were six boarding lines so that six buses could be simultaneously loaded. We got into the 6th line, which turned out to be the longest and to not be served by as many buses as the first 3 or 4. 

Our bus departed at 7:50AM and we were at the north end of the Mighty Mac about 8:20AM

2017 Mackinac Bridge Walk bus boarding
Line of walkers waiting to board buses in Mackinaw City to go to the north end of the Mackinac Bridge

2017 Mackinac Bridge Walk portajohns
Portable toilets at Conkling Heritage Park

The line for the shuttle buses snaking back and forth



2017 Mackinac Bridge Walk bus ticket sales

Purchasing tickets for the shuttle bus


Lines for boarding the 2017 Mackinac Bridge Walk shuttle buses

2017 Mackinac Bridge Walk handicap shuttle bus
Separate line to a 7th station for mobility buses

2017 Mackinac Bridge Walk on the bus

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2018 Mackinac Bridge Walk Information

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