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Keith Stokes
Keith Stokes is the webmaster of FirstFandom. org,, Midamerican Fan Photo Archive and Born and raised in Mackinaw City, Michigan, he has lived in Kansas since 1985. His primary interests are travel. photography and science fiction, hence the domains he runs. In addition to running those sites, Keith's current activities include photography & marketing of Lenexa United Methodist Church.

In the past he helped found the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame, was Newsmaster for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, has volunteered on every level of science fiction convention running and built the first websites used by many science fiction organizations. His main fanish activity today is serving as Secretary/Treasurer of First Fandom, which was founded in 1959 to organize the science fiction fans of the golden era and bring back fans who had dropped out of fandom, First Fandom was originally limited to fans active prior to 1938, but now includes thoses who have been fans over 30 years.

The photo above with Linda, my darling wife of 13 years, was taken in March 2023.

Keith's art is available at