Straits of Mackinac
2021 Trip Report

Day seven: Mackinac Island &
Mackinaw City with high
wind & waves

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Stewart J. Cort passing Mackinac Island, Michigan
Stewart J. Cort passing Windermere Point
Monday morning was rainy so I spent the early morning on my computer and talking with other guests on the Windermere Hotel porch. There were still some nice photo opportunities, including the 1,000' Stewart J. Cort passing on its way to Lake Superior. We packed, checked out and arranged for our luggage to be transported to the mainland. By 11AM the rain had let up and we decided to take the shuttle from the nearby ferry docks to Mission Point. The carriage driver warned us that his team was very slow and that if we were in a hurry, we might wish to walk, but I wanted to take some videos on the ride and we went with him anyway.

Mackinac Island Main Street

The shuttle driver was right, Logan & Spanky were even slower than Bill the day before, and the ride was so slow that the videos didn't turn out interesting. But it was still pleasant and I took advantage of the ride to take many still photos. 30 minutes later we arrived at Mission Point. I took some new photos of the resort and stopped inside to chat with the concierge, Pat Driscoll, who we came to know three years ago when we stayed at Mission Point. I enjoyed getting caught up on things happening on the Island, but a little disappointed to learn that her dog, Nick, who has become famous for keeping the geese off the Great Lawn, was home for a break.

We walked back downtown, stopping for photos and to check out the Icehouse restaurant at Island House hotel. They have no inside seating and it was still cold and windy enough that we continued to the main business district. Lunch was at the Broken Spoke, which has been operating for two years in the old Huron Street Pub & Grill location. We had a trio of appetizers: whitefish dip, crab rangoon and French onion French fries. 

Whitefish dip, crab rangoon and French onion French fries - Mackinac Island
Whitefish dip, crab rangoon and French onion loaded French fries at Broken Spoke

We returned to St. Ignace on the Felicity, the same Shepler's ferry we came over on two days earlier. Today there were high winds and waves and everyone sat downstairs while cold spray kept reaching the upper deck on the outside.

We drove up and down State Street for some photography before I drove back over the Mackinac Bridge, while Linda took pictures.

Back in Mackinaw City, we checked into the Riviera Motel, this time into 212, the room above the one we stayed in on Thursday & Friday. This room has a very slightly better view and a little more privacy, but I missed the nicer bathroom below and it was no fun bringing our heavy luggage up the outdoor stairs.

We spent the rest of the afternoon working on our computers, looking out the window at some of the biggest waves I have ever seen in the Straits of Mackinac, and occasionally slipping outside for photos.

Waves rolling in near Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

Miss Margy in high seas
Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry's Miss Margy in high seas

Supper was at our favorite fine dinning restaurant in Mackinaw City or St. Ignace, the Chippewa Room at Audie's Restaurant.

We were a little disappointed to discover that they no longer bring a complimentary crock of Edgar's Beer Cheese (a blend of cheddar cheese, bleu cheese and Labatt Blue) to the table. At the end of the meal, we asked about getting an order of the Beer Cheese to go and our server brought us an 8 ounce tub of the cheese plus two sleeves of crackers. They went well while watching the bridge and water at our motel.

I ordered a smelt appetizer, which was a heaping plate of unusually small deep fried smelt. I rarely get smelt anymore and thoroughly enjoyed it. For our main dishes I had Cajun whitefish with Lyonnaise potatoes and Linda had planked whitefish with Duchess potatoes. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Lyonnaise potatoes, which were like particularly good hash browns. The Chippewa room never does a bad job on fresh fish and the meal lived up to our expectations. 

I washed mine down with an Octorock Starcut Cider from Short’s Brewing Company in Bellaire, Michigan. It was only medium sweet and went very well with the fish.

It was a very nice meal in a north woods elegant setting, with two appetizers and one alcoholic beverage for only $80! It seemed a particular bargain after the prices of meals on Mackinac Island.

Chippewa Room at Audie's Restaurant - Mackinaw City, Michigan
Chippewa Room at Audie's Restaurant

Fried smelt at Chippewa Room at Audie's Restaurant
Deep fried smelt

Cajun whitefish with Lyonnaise potatoes and planked whitefish with Duchess Potatoes
Cajun whitefish and planked whitefish

Edgar's Beer Cheese appetizer to go
Edgar's Beer Cheese

We followed diner with stops to take photos of the Mighty Mac and the high waves from various angles, before returning to the Riviera Motel to watch the bridge until dark while playing Race for the Galaxy and Carcassonne against each other online. Once again the lights were out on the south half of the bridge cable, so I didn't bother with more photos after dark.

Fort Michilimackinac and the Mackinac Bridge
Ring-billed Gulls (Larus delawarensis) flying along Wawatam Beach in Mackinaw City with Fort Michilimackinac
and the Mackinac Bridge in the background on a windy day. Prints of this Photo

McGulpin Rock - Mackinaw City, Michigan
McGulpin Point on the west side of Mackinaw City
McGulpin Rock is a 34 foot circumference rock was left by the glaciers and is estimated to weigh about 54 tons.

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