Cheboygan Point Light

Cheboygan State Park
Cheboygan, Michigan 49721
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Cheboygan Point Light - Cheboygan State Park
Cheboygan Point Light ruins
The first light at Cheboygan Point was built in 1851. There was a dwelling and a separate 40' round brick tower, which was fitted with a Fifth Order Fresnel lens made by L. Saultier & Company of Paris. The light was built on a pier and after only eight years of service, high water was washing away at the foundation and the light tower was removed.

In 1859 the station was rebuilt as an eight foot square wooden tower resting atop a two story eight room dwelling. The new tower rose 22 feet above the house and included the same white light which was used in the earlier tower.

In May of 1890, a standard locomotive steam fog signal was installed in a separate building.

When the nearby Fourteen Foot Shoal Light was constructed offshore in 1930, the old Cheboygan Light Station was abandoned and the land was deeded to the State of Michigan. Following vandalism, the buildings were dismantled in the 1940s. Today the Cheboygan Point Light ruins are part of the 1250 acre Cheboygan State Park.

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Cheboygan Point Light
Today the ruins of the Cheboygan Point Light are overgrown and hidden from the Lake Huron shore




Cheboygan Point Light brick ruins

USCG Cutter Mackinaw (WLBB 30) in the distance and the automated 14' Shoal Light (1930) as seen from the shore at Cheboygan Point Light

Poe Reef Light
Poe Reef Light (1929, automated in 1974) in the distance

Cheboygan Point Light Map - Cheboygan, Michigan
Cheboygan Point Light Map

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