Lighthouses of the Straits of Mackinac
Round Island Light (1895, automated in 1924, deactivated from 1947-1996). Now part of the National Forest on tiny, uninhabited Round Island, the building was restored in 1978 for the filming of the movie "Somewhere in Time."

Some of these photos were taken during a lighthouse tour during the North American Light House Festival held in Mackinaw City, Michigan. The tours were so popular the Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry now offers several tours on scattered days through the summer and other photos were taken during those tours.

West Straits of Mackinac Lighthouse cruise

Round Island Light (1895) Seen in the movie Somewhere in Time

Round Island Passage Light - AKA Mackinac Island Light
Round Island Passage Light (1948, automated in 1973 ) near Mackinac Island.
Also known as Mackinac Island light. Round Island Passage light and Round Island light
are only about 600 meters apart.

Chief Petoskey on Mackinac Island light
Native American profiles
near the top of
Round Island Passage light

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Mackinac Bridge

Cheboygan Point Light ruins

McGulpin Point Light

Round Island Lighthouse - Straits of Mackinac Round Island Lighthouse

Mackinac Island pictures
Mackinac Island

Mackinaw City in winter
Mackinaw in winter

Straits of Mackinac Satellite Pictures
Satellite Pictures

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Bois Blanc Island Lighthouses
Old (1868, deactivated in 1924) and new (1941, in center) Bois Blanc Island Lights.
These lights are on the Northeast side of the Island and are not often seen.
The new light is solar powered. Bois Blanc Island is pronounced "Bob-Lo"

Bois Blanc Island Light
Old Bois Blanc Island Light

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Waugoshance Lighthouse

Poe Reef Light (1929) near Cheboygan, Michigan
Poe Reef Light (1929, automated in 1974 ) near Cheboygan, Michigan.
From 1893 until 1929 the station was maintained by a series of Light Ships.
Built on a concrete crib.

Fourteen Foot Shoal Light (1930) one of the first automated lights, was run from Poe
Fourteen Foot Shoal Light (1930), one of the first automated lights, was operated by
radio control from Poe Light. Distant shot of this light

Old Mackinac Point Light (1892) - Mackinaw City near foot of the Mackinac Bridge
Old Mackinac Point Light (1892) - Mackinaw City near foot of the Mackinac Bridge.
This lighthouse remained in operation until 1957, when the Bridge made it no longer necessary.
It reopened to the public in June of 2004.

Cheboygan Crib Light
Cheboygan Crib Light (1910) was moved to this location in Turner Park from a crib off
the mouth of the Cheboygan River.

Cheboygan Crib Light - Cheboygan, Michigan
Closer look at Cheboygan Crib Light

Cheboygan River range light
Cheboygan River range light (1880)

Cheboygan Point Light - Cheboygan, Michigan
Ruins of Cheboygan Point Light (1859)

McGulpin's Point Light - Mackinaw City, Michigan
McGulpin Point Light (1869) is 2 miles west of Old Mackinac Point Light.
Deactivated in 1906, it reopened to the public in 2009.

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