Mackinac Island Photos
from August 5, 1918

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Mackinac Island and Grand Hotel 1918
Mackinac Island, Michigan lake front hotels
This is the southwest end of downtown Mackinac Island -
Biddle's Point is at the left, the white building on the water is the Hotel Iroquois which had ben built as a home in 1900 & converted to a hotel in 1904,
the hotel to its right with the turrets on the corners is the 1858 Lake View Hotel, the 1887 Grand Hotel can be seen at the upper right

These photographs of Mackinac Island, Michigan were taken by a vaudeville performer stopping on Mackinac Island on August 5, 1918. The visit to Mackinac Island was part of a cruise from Chicago Illinois to New York. The original photos are only about 3 inches by 4 inches. They are faded, but were darkened electronically after scanning.

The picture in the upper right corner of this page is the back of one of the photographs. All of them were labeled as "Macinac Island."


Father Marquette Park - Mackinac Island, Michigan
Fort Mackinac with Father Marquette Park, lilac bushes and the 1909 Father Jacques Marquette statue

Fort Mackinac, Island habor, cannons, Round Island Lighthouse freighter
Fort Mackinac looking out over the Mackinac Island harbor, Hotel Iroquois, and Round Island Lighthouse -
other than size, the freighter approaching Round Island Passage doesn't look much different from today's vessels

1918 cruise ships at Mackinac Island - Fort Mackinac
Fort Mackinac south Sally Port looking out at cruise ships in the Mackinac Island harbor

Fort Holmes, Mackinac Island Michigan
The British built Fort Holmes in 1812 to hold the high point above Fort Mackinac

Arch Rock - Mackinac Island, Michigan 1918
Arch Rock is the most famous natural feature on Mackinac Island

Sugar Loaf cave - Mackinac Island, Michigan
Sugar Loaf is no longer on the standard Mackinac Island carriage tour as
they have streamlined the experience - the stairs lead to a tiny cave
which goes all the way through the rock formation

Grand Hotel in 1918 - Mackinac Island, Michigan
The Grand Hotel with Julia Point and the west shore in the foreground

North Blockhouse - Mackinac Island - 1918
Fort Mackinac's 1798 north blockhouse

Mackinac Island Home   Mackinac Island in the winter

Photograph scans and text copyright 2011-2012 by Keith Stokes. These photos may not be reproduced without written permission.