Mackinac Island in Winter
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Round Island Lighthouse Historic Marker
Round Island Lighthouse and State Historic Marker

Round Island Passage Light in winter
Round Island Passage Light (1948, automated in 1973) also known as Mackinac Island light.

No swiming Mackinac Island, Straits of Mackinac
Some signs seem out of place in the off season

Round Island Lighthouse
Round Island Light (1895, automated in 1924, deactivated from 1947-1996)

Canada Geese with the Mackinac Bridge faint visible on the horizon (prints of this photo Waiting For Spring)

The Round Island and Round Island Passage Lights are only about 600 yards apart and Great Lakes freighters in route between Lake Michigan and Lake Superior pass between them.

The self unloading bulk freighter John G. Munson passed through the Round Island passage while I took photos. There is a narrow channel between the base of the breakwater and the shore, and as the freighter passed, the water rushed rapidly through in one direction and then back in the opposite direction.

It is surprising how much of the noise on the boat carries over the water to shore.

(Prints of this photo Moving Through the Straits)

John G. Munson Great Lakes freighter
John G. Munson (built in 1952, 768') up bound toward Lake Superior from Lake Michigan.

John Munson Great Lakes freighter in ice
John G. Munson passing Round Island Lighthouse

Once the freighter had passed, I turned around to take photos of the Mackinac Island harbor from the foot ot the breakwater. This is a view that most people do not take in and I think it gives a different impression of the small Mackinac Island community.

Mackinac Island harbor in winter
That strip of open water is where the water rushed through as the freighter passed.

Hotel Iroquois in winter - Mackinac Island, Michigan
The Hotel Iroquois was originally built as a home by island blacksmith Robert Benjamin in 1900.

Mackinac Island shore in winter
Across the Mackinac Island harbor

Ste. Anne Catholic Church on Mackinac Island, Michigan in winter
Ste. Anne's Catholic Church moved to this "new" building in 1875. (prints & cards of this photo)

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