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Mackinaw City in Winter   Mackinac Island in Winter
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Mackinac Bridge featured on two postage stamps
Prints & cards of this winter photo of the Mackinac Bridge
2010 Mackinac bridge Stamp

In 2010, the United States Postal Service honored Michigan' Mackinac Bridge as the subject of its 2010 Priority Mail stamp, which went on sale February 3, 2010. The five mile long Mackinac Bridge runs between Mackinaw City & St. Ignace and unites Michigan's Upper Peninsula (UP) & Lower Peninsula.

The new postage stamp devoted to the Mackinac Bridge cost $4.90.

Artist Dan Cosgrove used several panoramic photographs of the Mackinac Bridge to create the stamp artwork, which features seagulls flying around the two towers and a large ship passing underneath. This is one of several designs that the artist has produced for the US Postal Service.

This iwas the second US postage stamp devoted to the Mackinac Bridge. The first was a 3 cent stamp which was issued on June 25, 1958 to coincide with the 1958 celebration of the November 1957 opening of the 5 mile long link between Michigan's two peninsulas. 107,195,200 copies of that first stamp were issued.

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50th anniversary Celebration

Anniversary of Mackinac Bridge ground breaking 50th Anniversary of the Ground Breaking

Mackinaw City in winter.

Mackinac Bridge at Christmas  - 2004

3 cent - 1958 Mackinac Bridge Stamp
1958 Mackinac Bridge Stamp
"Connecting the Peninsulas of Michigan"
Lester Stokes canceling Mackinac Bridge Stamps
Lester Stokes (father of's web master) canceling first day of issue Mackinac Bridge stamps at the Mackinaw City Elementary School in 1958.

Mackinac Bridge Stamp First Day of Issue cancellation - 1958
Mackinac Bridge Stamp First Day of Issue cancellation from June 25, 1958

Mackinac Bridge postcard and stamp with First Day of Issue cancellation
A "Mackinac Straits Bridge" postcard with first day of issue cancellation

Mackinac Bridge June 1958 First Day Cover
Mackinac Bridge Stamp First Day of Issue cancellation with a block of 4 stamps

Mackinac Bridge 2010 First Day Cover
February 3, 2010 First Day Cover

Army tank in Mackinac Bridge Parade
June 1958 Mackinac Bridge Dedication Parade - more photos
Mackinaw City float in Mackinac Bridge Parade
2007 Mackinac Bridge 50th Anniversary Parade - more photos

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Mackinac Bridge - The Mighty Mac

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2nd First Day of issue card donated by the late Cora Schar. All other images copyright Keith Stokes.

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