Visit to Mackinaw City in Winter
January 15-18, 2009

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Mackinaw City main street in winter
Mackinaw City Central Avenue in January
In mid January of 2009, Linda and I traveled to Mackinaw City, Michigan to visit my parents. We flew into Flint and rented a car for a 4 hour drive up to Mackinaw. It would usually take closer to 3 hours, but the winter weather lengthened the trip.

In the past couple of years, Flint has consistently offered the best price and schedule for travel from Kansas City. But during trips to Mackinaw City in previous years I have flown into Detroit, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Lansing, Traverse City, Pellston and Escanaba.

Driving on I-75 was good for the first 2 hours, but the highway was slippery from Grayling until about Indian River. There was wind and an occasional snow along this same stretch and the visibility was quite poor between Grayling and Gaylord.

Arriving in Mackinaw City late on Thursday afternoon, we checked into the Deer Head Inn, a 10 year old B&B in an expanded older brick home about 3 blocks from my parents' home and just off Central Avenue. I had booked the Deer Head Inn's least expensive room, but we were the only guests in the Inn for the first night and we were given a larger room. It was roomy and light, was heated by a thermostat controlled gas fireplace and had both a claw tooth bathtub and a small walk-in shower. There were several stuffed animals in our room, including a raccoon peering down at us in the King sized bed.

I don't usually eat breakfast, but it was included with the room and very good. Barry & Nancy Dean consulted us about favorite items in advance of the meals and even passed along an invitation for my parents to join us for one of the breakfasts.

My favorite meal was Saturday morning when they served cream cheese stuffed French toast with sausage, fruit and real maple syrup.

But every breakfast at the Deer Head Inn was special. I also enjoyed the conversations with Barry and Nancy, and ended up spending much more time at breakfast than I intended.

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Deer Head Inn B&B - Mackinaw City
Deer Head Inn Bed and Breakfast - they had cleared that parking spot for us right next to the entrance

Deer Head Inn bedroom
Our room at the Deer Head Inn - It would have been a little more comfortable without the artificial trees.

One of the first things I did in Mackinaw City was photograph the Mackinac Bridge. I have a winter photo of the Bridge that I think is great on the top of the Mackinac Bridge Home Page, but have lost the original file and have only that small version. The two photos below are from Thursday and Friday.

Mackinac Bridge in winter
The sun was nearly setting when I took this Mackinac Bridge photo. (Prints & greeting cards of this photo)

Mackinac Bridge with ice covered Straits
It was only about 3 degrees above zero this morning, but with no wind, it wasn't uncomfortable.

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