Early Morning on Mackinac Island
May 25, 2013

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Saturday - Mackinac Island Morning, USCGC Mackinaw, Mackinaw Memorial Parade & Pageant, St. Ignace & Audie's Chippewa Room

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Round Island Lighthouse and Round Island Passage Light - Michigan Round Island Passage Light & Round Island Lighthouse
Mackinac Island Marina sunrise
Mackinac Island Marina from our balcony

Saturday - day 4

Once again, I woke before our alarm on Saturday morning, so I slipped out of the suite to get some early morning photos on the Island and not disturb Linda. It was a quiet time before the shops opened and the crowds arrived from the mainland. I spotted the freighter Joseph L. Block passing the Island as soon as I was out on the street.

I returned to the room after about an hour because we were leaving the Island fairly early. The 240' Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw was having one of its rare open houses and I wanted to be to Cheboygan before 11AM.

Joseph L. Block freighter - Mackinac Island
Joseph L. Block and Round Island Passage Light

Mackinac Island horses and carriage
Carriage on East Main Street

Ste. Anne Catholic Church - Mackinac Island, Michigan
The first ferries of the morning arriving on Mackinac Island with Ste. Anne Catholic Church in the foreground

Horses and wagon - Mackinac Islnad, Michigan
Luggage dray on the Arnold Transit Dock

When we checked out of the Chippewa Hotel, we arranged for a dock porter to take our luggage to the ferry and we stopped again at Doud's Market, across the street, to pick up some items to have for breakfast as we waited for our ferry. 

The previous day's ferry to the Island had traveled into the wind and with the temperature in the low 50s, the top deck had been very cold. The wind was with us today and it was much more comfortable. 

Luuage on the dock in Mackinac Island, Michigan
The luggage coming off the Star Line Ferry before we board

The 671' Wilfred Sykes approaches the Mackinac Bridge as we take the ferry back to Mackinaw City

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