Whitefish Point Light Station &
USCG Lifeboat Station
Day trip along the south shore of eastern Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
The Whitefish Point Lighthouse Station is located at the tip of the Whitefish Point. I visited this location many times in the 1960s, but less often in recent years. This was the first time, since the opening of the museum and restoration of the buildings, that I visited the light during the 6 months of the year that the museum is open.

If was odd seeing the crowded parking lot and many visitors. In the 1960s the only people present would be a few rock hounds (searching for agates), and bird watchers looking for hawks and owls during the spring migration. Today there is a small bird banding station, sharing the same parking lot.

Whitefish Point Lighthouse
The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum costs $8.50, and and includes exhibits, a History Channel video about the Edmund Fitzgerald, snack bar and restored living quarters. At least 7 buildings are open. One of them is available for overnight lodging ($150). 

The museum building is fairly small but has attractive exhibits including the large second order Fresnel lens from White Shoal Light and the bell which was raised from the Edmund Fitzgerald and featured in the History Channel video.

Fresnel lens from White Shoal Light
White Shoal lens has 344 separate lead crystal prisms
Edmund Fitzgerald bell
Edmund Fitzgerald bell
There is a large gift shop in one of the more attractive buildings Unable to resist a bargain, I picked up a Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum sweatshirt which was marked down to $21. 
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