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A ring-billed gull gliding on the wind with the Mackinac Bridge in the background
Saturday morning was cold and even more windy. For the Mackinac Island excursion, I took four layers of shirts and jackets, wearing everything during the ferry ride and less while walking in the sunlight on Mackinac Island.

One Star Line VIP pass remained from the stash my father left me years ago, so I took their 9AM departure on the Mackinac Express. The 9AM departures include a pass under the Mighty Mac, but it was so windy that it was difficult holding the camera steady and once we had passed beneath the Mackinac Bridge, I moved inside.

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Mackinac Island and Mackinaw CIty trip report
May 2014 Trip to Mackinaw City &
Mackinac Island

The Mackinac Bridge - the Mighty Mac
The Mackinac Bridge from the stern of the Star Line Mackinac Express ferry

Once on Mackinac Island, I started taking several photos a minute, getting new shots of store fronts, carriages, everything that caught my eye. After picking up a snack and a cold drink at Doud's Market, I had breakfast by the marina, then continued east along Main Street photographing each structure (Cottage hotel, B&B, church) along the way. The summer residences on the Island are all called "cottages" regardless of how huge they may be.

Doud's Market has been a family owned grocery store since opening in 1884.
Mission Point Resort is at the far east end of the small town and I made a point of checking on the beaver lodge which has been growing for several years,. With the high waves, there were no beavers to be seen. 

After photographing the interiors of several of the resort buildings, I returned down the other side of Main Street getting more shots and photographing the interior of Mission Church (Michigan's oldest surviving church building). There was a funeral in progress at Ste. Anne Catholic Church, so it wasn't open for photography. I later learned that there was also a funeral taking place at Trinity Church.

A beaver lodge at Mackinac Island, Michigan
Beaver Lodge near Mission Point

Mackinac Island East Breakwater with Round Island Lighthouse
Wave crashing on the East Breakwater with Round Island Lighthouse in the distance

A wedding was taking place in Marquette Park. Although I arrived too late to catch the name of the bride, I enjoyed listening to the groom's speech about meeting her just a year before and how it had changed his life.
Wedding in Marquette Park - Mackinac Island, Michigan
Wedding in Marquette Park
Walking back through town, I continued on up to the Grand Hotel where new copula suites were added over the winter and the floor at the east end of the 660' porch was repaired or replaced.
Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island - 2017
The three new suites are the squared white structures with windows jutting out of the roof, facing the front of the hotel.

Grand Hotel Porch - 2017
The iconic porch is lined with a Grand Hotel trademark - 2,500 geraniums.

I took new interior photos of the Little Stone Church during the walk back to the downtown from the Grand Hotel. The street seemed busy for early in the season and I saw the first funeral procession I've encountered on Mackinac Island. In contrast, a newlywed couple passed by in an open white carriage a few minutes later.
Horse drawn hearse on Mackinac Island, Michigan
Horse drawn hearse with the carriages of the mourners in procession
With so few meals during this quick trip, I couldn't begin to hit all my favorite Mackinac area restaurants, For lunch, I selected the Chuckwagon Restaurant. I only learned about this tiny, 66 year old, breakfast and lunch restaurant about 4 years ago, but this Mackinac Island restaurant has quickly became one my favorites!
Chuckwagon counter and grill - Mackinac Island, Michigan
This is a little over half of the Chuckwagon Restaurant dinning room

Mushroom Swiss burger and fries - Chuckwagon Restaurant
Mushroom Swiss burger and fries

The wind and waves were even stronger during the afternoon ride back to Mackinaw City, but I stayed outside on the second deck using the cabin as a windbreak for a fun ride back.
Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry Miss Margy in the Straits of Mackinac
Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry Miss Margy

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