Fort Mackinac
in Winter

7127 Huron Road
Mackinac Island, Michigan 49757
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Open for the season May 1, 2021

Visiting Fort Mackinac
Fort Mackinac Post Cemetery
Photos of Fort Mackinac from a tourist in 1918

Mackinac Island Home

Fort Mackinac Cannon - Mackinac Island, Michigan
Model 1841 6-pounder Gun which is fired during demonstrations in summer.
Fort Mackinac
Fort Mackinac - Mackinac Island, Michigan
Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island, Michigan was built by the British Army under the direction of Patrick Sinclair during the American Revolutionary War. Located on a bluff 150 feet above Mackinac Island Harbor, it replaced Fort Michilimackinac which had wooden palisades and was located on the shore of present day Mackinaw City. The Officers Stone Quarters, started in 1780 at Fort Mackinac, is the oldest building in the State of Michigan.

Fort Mackinac was turned over to the United States after the war, but recaptured by the British during the War of 1812. It was returned to the US following that war. From 1875 to 1895, the fort was the headquarters of Mackinac National Park, the second national park in the United States. Today it is operated from early May until early October by Mackinac State Historic Parks.

The photos on this page were taken on March 9, 2014. Thank you to Mackinac State Historic Parks for permitting this access for winter photography. Fort Mackinac is beautiful year around, but there is something special about this setting on a crisp, clear winter day.

Fort Mackinac Parade Ground - the same photo in summer

Fort Mackinac
Fort Mackinac

Mackinac Island pictures
Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island in Winter

Stuart House City Museum Stuart House City Museum

Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum Mackinac Art Museum

Mackinac Island Carriage Tour

Winter at Colonial Fort Michilimackinac

Fort Mackinac buildings with snow in winter
Post bath house (1889), quartermaster's storeroom (1867) post headquarters (1853), commissary (1878)

Fort Mackinac barracks - Mackinac Island, Michigan
1859 Soldiers' Barracks

Fort Mackinac officers quarters in winter
Officers' wooden quarters (1800), officers' stone quarters (1780)

Fort Mackinac Hospital (1828)

The Mackinac Bridge and the Fort Mackinac officers stone quarters
In summer the Fort Mackinac Tea Room occupies the patio of the Officer's Stone Quarters beneath the flag poles.
The Mackinac Bridge is in the distance. 

Downtown Mackinac Island in winter
Downtown Mackinac Island with the Round Island Passage light in the distance. (Prints & cards of this photo)

Fort Mackinac gun platform - Mackinac Island, Michigan
Fort Mackinac gun platform

Dr. WIlliam Beaumont memorial in snow
"Near this spot Dr. WIlliam Beaumont, United States Army, made those experiments upon Alexis St. Martin
which brought fame to himself and honor to American medicine. Erected by the Upper Peninsula and the Michigan
State Medical Societies July 10, 1900

Fort Mackinac west blockhouse and snow drifts
West blockhouse (1796) and snow drifts along the stockade

Fort Mackinac British water well
British soldiers dug this well around 1780. To reach water, they had to dig a 12 foot by 12 foot square hole
through more than 150 feet of solid limestone.

Fort Mackincnorth sally port in winter
Stockade, post schoolhouse (1879) and the Avenue of Flags

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