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2004 UK Trip

Day 5  Tuesday April 6 (continued)

While we were in the church, I noticed one of the bibles and had a flash of incite. About 20 years ago, I tried to find an English Revised Standard Bible, but gave up after several years of searching. I suddenly realized that I could easily get one online, now, but decided it would make a nice souvenir of the trip. I started by checking the cathedral's gift shop. They offered The Lord of the Rings, but no bibles. Still I had something new to look for at bookstores as I traveled.

We broke for lunch on our own and I walked to the farthest of the nearby pubs that Richard recommended, 200 year old The Cloisters. The roast chicken with chips was good, but the food was slow and there wasn't much time to get back to join the tour. I had to hurry back in a hard, cold rain. 

Once the group wa together again, we walked through part of the shopping district to catch a private double decker bus and ride the few miles out to Stonehenge. The rain stopped shortly after we got on the bus.

Richard led us on a tour around Stonehenge than gave us a little free time for photos and the gift shop. I got a cool T-shirt.

You would feel cheated without pictures of Stonehenge



We returned to Salisbury for some time on our own before catching the train back to London. Another driving rain started as I walked back to the Salisbury rail station. It included the only hail of the trip. On the train ride back, I saw two rainbows. The first one, I could clearly see where the rainbow appear to end, but I didn't jump the train to search for the pot of gold.

Stokes Tea & Coffee Warehouse
I just took this photo because my name is Stokes

It was nearly 7 PM when we got back to Waterloo Station, so I went directly to the Fortune Theatre near Covent Gardens for The Woman In Black. I enjoyed the two person ghost story. It is a play within a play, where one actor recreates some events from the other actor's past. While the other actor plays all the other roles. Staged with relatively few props and minimal costume changes, this performance is a lot like a radio play.

It was an interesting venue for people watching, with a number of odd little incidents in the audience. I had purchased my ticket in advance, taking advantage of Theatre Monkey's recommendation of the reduced price tickets for the last row of the stalls.

Fortune Theatre

On the way back from the theatre, I stopped at another of the restaurants across from my hotel to get a seafood pizza to go. The folks at the restaurant weren't very friendly and the pizza was disappointing. It had only 2 small shrimp, 2 small mussels and a single slice of squid. An odd thing (to me) was that the shrimp & mussels were still in their shells. I wouldn't try Bellavista again.

The Delhi Brasserie on the left was very good. The Bellavista on the right was not
photo taken the next day

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