Keith Stokes'
2004 UK Trip

Day 5  Tuesday April 6

This day I slept in, since I didn't need to be at Waterloo Railway Station until 10:15. At Waterloo I joined another tour by London Walks, this time led by Richard with the Red Cap (London Walks has several Richards). About 60 of us took the regularly scheduled train service to Salisbury, where Richard first led us on a tour along the River Avon, around many of the 13th-18th century buildings and through the 13th century cathedral with the tallest spire in England, the best preserved original Magna Carta (1215) and the oldest working clock in Europe.

Richard Bartlett
Richard Bartlett (when it started raining, he changed his another red cap)

Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral - started in 1220 it was completed by 1258, with the Spire,
the tallest in England (404') added a generation later

sheep and geese along the River Avon
Sheep on the other side of the River Avon

Salisbury Cathedral through the trees

The Wardrobe
The Wardrobe dates from 1254. Much of the walls is made of flint, with stronger
materials at windows and arches

Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral interior
The blue windows are 449 feet away

medieval clock
This clock was built around 1386 - it has no face, but tells time by ringing bells it
was discarded for many years, but 90% of the original was recovered and it was
reassembled. It is no longer attached to bells.

Cloisters - the cathedral was never monastic, but the cathedral it replaced had 
cloisters, so this one does also. It is the largest in any cathedral in England

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