Keith Stokes'
2004 UK Trip

Day 6  Wednesday April 7

My last full day in London.

This day I had no advance commitments. I returned to Leicester Square to the TKTS booth, just before 10 AM. It took 25 minutes to get through the line for evening performances. Then I stepped over to the matinee line, which took only a minute. 

Since it is next to Charring Cross Road again, I checked a couple of the biggest bookstores for bibles, but couldn't find one that I liked.

Then I returned to the Piccadilly Line and rode out to Knightsbridge Station to finally visit Harrods Department Store. Harrods had a nice book department and I found a bible to satisfy me. Then I stopped for lunch at a  Santi Thai restaurant on the same floor. The food didn't impress me and the servings were small. I would say that it was overpriced, but I thought that about all the food in London. Still is was a nice setting and I enjoyed the Thai iced tea ($6 for iced tea!).

Santi Thai restaurant
Santi Thai

Then down the beautiful central staircases to the first floor to the men's department. After checking a few prices (socks $60/pair) I moved on to the famous food court. I enjoyed exploring it, but made no purchases

Food court at Harrods

Seafood counter in Harrods department store.

Back to the Underground and back to the West End and Covent Garden. I liked the large flea market with its many street entertainers. It is a great place to wander and people watch. I was still hungry and had an inexpensive serving of Jamaican jerked chicken with rice from a vendor on the upper floor balcony at the east end of the Market. Better food than I had at Harrods.

Entertainers at Covent Garden

Street performer in Covent Garden

Café Caribbean in Covent Garden

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