Tahquamenon Falls in Winter - Michigan
Tahquamenon Falls
in Winter

March 9, 2014

Tahquamenon Falls with autumn colors
Tahquamenon Falls

Eben Ice Caves     Whitefish Point Light Station in Winter

Tahquamenon Falls in Winter - Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Tahquamenon Falls in Winter
Upper Tahquamenon Falls in winter

March 9, 2014: The final day of this northern Michigan winter photography day began with Whitefish Point and ended with the Eben Ice Caves, but the highlight of the day was a visit to the Upper Tahquamenon Falls. The Lower Tahquamenon Falls are also beautiful, but they have less impact and (with the much longer walk through the snow) was more than I could squeeze in before my late afternoon flight from Marquette, Michigan.

Tahquamenon Falls with autumn colors
Tahquamenon Falls

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Mackinac Island in Winter

Eben Ice Caves

Winter flight over Mackinac Island

UP Lighthouses Tahquamenon Falls & Whitefish Point

2006 Straits of Mackinac Weekend

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Stairway to Tahquamenon Falls
94 steps down to the top of the Upper Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls ice and snow
This is the most frozen over that I have ever seen Tahquamenon Falls,

The 200' face of Tahquamenon Falls is frozen almost all the way across.


Tahquamenon Falls icicles
Some of these icicles are over 40 feet long.

Wall of icicles at Tahquamenon Falls
These massive icicles form every winter

Tahquamenon River in winte
Open water in the Tahquamenon River above the falls.

Prints and greeting cards of the photo.

The viewing platform and another look at the massive icicles.

Tahquamenon Brewery and Pub
Tahquamenon Brewery and Pub is open most of the year

Tahquamenon Falls     Eben Ice Caves

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