Sunday March 30, 2003
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22:00 Sunday - Hotel Kensington. Just finished throwing things out and preparing my bags for the trip home.

The train ride back to Paris was uneventful. I took the metro back to the Hotel Kensington and checked back in. I have a different room on the same floor. This time my view is a roof line - so ugly it is almost art.

For the evening, I took the metro to Notre Dame. It isn't as big as I expected (before I only saw it from a distance), but does have lots of cool gargoyles and nice stain glass. A mass was in progress, but hundreds of tourists kept passing through the back and up the side, many taking flash photos and a few kept talking.

Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame

Notre Dame doorway
Notre Dame front enterance

Notre Dame
Service in Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Notre Dame gargoyles
Notre Dame gargoyles

I walked through the Latin Quarter, bought some souvenirs and walked back along the bank checking to see if any of the booksellers had Wilson Tucker books. Most were closing and I had no luck.

Shakespeare & Company - Paris
Shakespeare & Co is the best known English language bookshop in Paris, but not the one
where Hemingway borrowed books.

Returning to the 7th arrondissement, I found an Italian restaurant near the hotel and got a salmon pizza to go. The folks in the restaurant were nice, though we shared few words in common. The gave me a complimentary glass of what I think was sangria, while I waited. The pizza was baked and then covered with tow huge flat slices of salmon, then a cream sauce. I could have done without the sauce, but it was good.

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