Exploring in and around Saint Mark's Square

March 2012 trip to Madrid, Venice, Verona, Milan and Paris.

Venice: Water taxi, Sestiere di Castello, San Marco in the morning,
Murano, Ristorante A Beccafico, Secret Itinerary Tour, Campanile,
Cathedral Basilica, Osteria Ae Sconte, Rialto Markets, Jewish Ghetto,
San Giorgio Maggiore, Santa Maria della Salute, Gondola Ride

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Gondolas - Venice
Gondolas docked along the Grand Canal
Fond d Farine
Vendors along the Fond d Farine, just east of San Marco

Wednesday continued

It was getting too late to visit the museums and churches which interested us, so this seemed like a good time to wander. We explored some of the Calle Larga XXII Marzo shopping area west of the Piazza San Marco, Venice's most fashionable shopping district. 

Back at San Marco, we found a lace shop near the Hard Rock Cafe where the staff went to great lengths explaining the history of Burano lace and the way fewer women are making the lace each generation. The shop is mainly catering to Venice residents.

San Giorgio Maggiore - Venice, Italy
San Giorgio Maggiore

Le Zitelle - Venice
Le Zitelle Church (Santa Maria della Presentazione)

Venice shopping district near San Marco
"Frezzeria" street

A tour group taking a short ride in two gondolas, passing the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Gondolas on the Grand Canal

Calle delle Ostreghe - Venice, Italy
Calle delle Ostreghe

Giovanni Antonio Canal - Venice
Gondolas on the Giovanni Antonio Canal

Santa Maria Zobenigo church
Santa Maria Zobenigo - founded in the 9th century, it was rebuilt between 1678 and 1681

San Marco and the Campanile

Gondolas docked in front of the Hard Rock Cafe

Linda shopping for a belt and purse - looking at the photo, I can still smell the leather in this shop

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