My favorite evening in Venice

March 2012 trip to Madrid, Venice, Verona, Milan and Paris.

Venice: Water taxi, Sestiere di Castello, San Marco in the morning,
Murano, Ristorante A Beccafico, Secret Itinerary Tour, Campanile,
Cathedral Basilica, Osteria Ae Sconte, Rialto Markets, Jewish Ghetto,
San Giorgio Maggiore, Santa Maria della Salute, Gondola Ride

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Interpreti Veneziani in Chiesa di San Vidal
Interpreti Veneziani rehearsal
Ristorante A Beccafico - Venice, Italy
Ristorante A Beccafico on Campo Santo Stefano

Tuesday continued

This evening we took a vaporetto up the Grand Canal and crossed the Ponte dell'Accademia (Academia Bridge) to Campo Santo Stefano, a pleasant, elongated square lined with bars. Campo Santo Stefano was a venue for bullfights until 1802 when several spectators were killed as a stand collapsed.

As we approached the campo, we passed Chiesa di San Vidal where we would see a concert later in the night. The orchestra was rehearsing and since I wasn't sure if photography would be permitted at the concert, I took the photo at the top of this page through the doorway. Chiesa di San Vidal was founded in the 11 Century, but is now a concert venue and no longer a church.

Supper was at Ristorante A Beccafico. We didn't have reservations, but were arriving early (about 6:50 PM) and had no trouble getting a table during the off season. This was the best food so far and I loved the many little extras.

The waiter brought a free aperitif before we even ordered. Then they brought salmon on brochette. When we were through with our meal , they brought shot glasses and two pint bottles. One was a very sweet white wine, the other was limoncello. When we were finally finished with those, they brought us lemon sorbet. All those were on the house. The Insalata di gamberi e pioggia di sesamo (shrimp and prawn salad) was my favorite dish so far on our vacation.

We pared the meal with a bottle of 2010 Soave Classico Zenato (25 €), a crisp, clean and refreshing white wine from the Veneto area of north-eastern Italy.

The Ristorante A Beccafico menu did not have English translations. Instead, there was a page with key words from the menu in Italian, English, French and Deutsch. The waiter gave us a few minutes to try working things out on our own, but was then prepared to give us extensive help if needed.

Ristorante A Beccafico tables and interior
Ristorante A Beccafico dinning room

shrimp and prawn salad
Insalata di gamberi e pioggia di sesamo (14 €)

Pesce spada ammuttunatu (swordfish)
Pesce spada ammuttunatu - swordfish (25 € except as I now look at the check, they did not charge for this item)

Sarde a beccafico dello Chef - sardines in traditional Venetian sour sauce (18 €)

sweet wine and limoncello
sweet wine and limoncello

cannoli at Ristorante A Beccafico
We split this cannoli (10 €), not realizing that a lemon sorbet would come later, compliments of the chef

We returned to Chiesa di San Vidal just before the 8:30 PM concert by Interpreti Veneziani. Their repertoire is heavy on the works of Antonio Vivaldi, who was from Venice and that is fine with me, as I enjoy Vivaldi's work. Tonight's concert included Le Quattro Stagioni and Concerto for viola, cello, strings and harpsichord RV. 531 by Vivaldi, and Concerto Grosso for 2 violins, cello, strings and harpsichord op. 6 n. 12 by Arcangelo Corelli. They were well received and I enjoyed the concert a great deal.

Interpreti Veneziani concert in Venice
Interpreti Veneziani performing in Chiesa di San Vidal (Church of St. Vitalis)

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute at night
Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

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