Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore

March 2012 trip to Madrid, Venice, Verona, Milan and Paris.

Venice: Water taxi, Sestiere di Castello, San Marco in the morning,
Murano, Ristorante A Beccafico, Secret Itinerary Tour, Campanile,
Cathedral Basilica, Osteria Ae Sconte, Rialto Markets, Jewish Ghetto,
San Giorgio Maggiore, Santa Maria della Salute, Gondola Ride

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High Altar  of San Giorgio Maggiore church
High Altar by Antonio Vassilacchi
San Giorgio Maggiore church
San Giorgio Maggiore

Thursday continued

I had been admiring the church of San Giorgio Maggiore across the lagoon since we first approached on the water taxi and we finally took a vaporetto to the Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore. Although photography had been prohibited at every church and museum we had visited up until now, San Giorgio permitted photography and pretty much every place we went for the rest of the vacation permitted it.

San Giorgio is now best known for the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. The Benedictine church was designed by Palladio and built between 1566 and 1610. The foundation stone was laid in the presence of the Pope.

After we toured the interior of the church, we purchased tickets from a monk and took an elevator to the top of the campanile, where we photographed the surrounding islands.

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore fašade
The façade of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore

Sestiere Castello and Guiseppe Mezzani lighthouse
Sestiere Castello waterfront in the distance - at the right, is one of two Istrian stone lighthouse towers which were designed in 1813 by Guiseppe Mezzani
(prints of this photo are available at Finearts America)

The interior of San Giorgio Maggiore is very bright with massive columns and pilasters on undecorated, white surfaced walls

The organ of San Giorgio Maggiore is incorporated into the main altar and was built between 1565 and 1610

San Giorgio Maggiore choir
The choir stalls are decorated with scenes from the life of St. Benedict which were carved in the 1590s

campanile view
View from the campanile

Isola di San Servolo
Isola di San Servolo is known as the "Island of the Mad" - it was an asylum for 250 years, but is now museum dedicated to the history of the asylum

Guiseppe Mezzani lighthouse Venice
The other Guiseppe Mezzani lighthouse

Sestiere Castello waterfront
Another shot of the Sestiere Castello waterfront

Venice panorama
Venice Panorama

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